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Wisecup Sul De Minas Vellum Brazil 250g

A well balanced coffee that is produced in the area of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Wisecup Single Origin Colombia Bucaramanga 250g

A coffee from the Bucaramanga region of Colombia, Supremo class, SHB.

Wisecup Single Origin Guatemala 250g

A coffee produced by the Fedecocagua cooperative in Acatenango of Guatemala. The coffee is produced at a volcanic ground and is harvested by hand.

Wisecup Tupi Amarelo Brazil 250g

A single varietal coffee from Brazil with moderate and citric acidity.

Wisecup Single Origin Decaf (MWP) 250g

Our Wisecup Coffee roasters decaf comes from small producers' farms in Colombia. For its decaffeination the natural water process (Mountain Water Process) is used without any use of chemicals.

Warehouse Coffee Origins Brazil Vellum Natural Capsules

Capsules of roasted coffee Brazil Vellum Natural

Warehouse Coffee Origins Guatemala Acatenango Capsules

Capsules of roasted coffee Guatemala Acatenango

Warehouse Coffee Origins Decaf Colombia (MWP) Capsules

Capsules of roasted coffee Decaf Colombia (MWP)

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