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Decanter drying stand

The decanter drying stand is essential for the effective drying of your wine decanters

Wine cooler Prestige Black

The Prestige wine cooler is an accessory that ensures you enjoy your wines at the right temperature.

The Butler’s Thief Wine Cork Extractor / Remover

A useful wine accessory to easily remove broken or old corks.

Champagne press metal clip

A useful wine accessory which helps you save the bubbles of an open bottle of champagne or a sparkling wine.

Wine aerator V.B.

A wine aerator for your wines, which improves their aromas and taste.

Riedel Extreme Oaked Chardonnay glass

The Oaked Chardonnay glass is perfect to reveal the intensity of full-bodied white wines, including the wine's multi-layered aromas.

Riedel Performance Riesling glass

The Riesling glass is perfect for balancing the high acidity and residual sugar of fruit-forward white wines.

Riedel Performance Champagne glass

The Champagne glass is perfect for light, fresh, dry champagnes. The shape emphasizes the wine's fresh fruitiness while tempering its high acidity.

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